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Is one of your New Years Resolutions to read more? These bookends are constructed of “Yakisugi” - reclaimed cedar planks that have been restored, run through the planer and sanded smooth prior to having the surface burnt with a torch. The planks are then brushed with a wire brush to create some truly incredible textures. Finally, a coat of protective oil is applied to preserve and protect the finish. This centuries old Japanese process, called Shou Sugi Ban, involves no stains or colour pigmentation at all. What you see is entirely achieved through the burning and brushing process.An Edison-style bulb adorns an accent lamp on one end, while brass and iron pipe on the opposite end gives the bookends an industrial feel.The brown twisted cloth cord and vintage-style rubber plug complete the look, ensuring these bookends not only hold your books, but look awesome doing it.


The bottom of the bookends are lined with felt to protect your surface.The Shou Sugi Ban process will produce unique grain textures that will ensure each set is one of a kind!


Comes complete with a 60W Squirrel Cage Edison-style tungsten filament incandescent bulb (pictured).

Our bookends are made to order - meaning the set you receive has been custom created just for you! Please allow up to 5 business days for creation and assembly. You will receive notification when your items are completed and have been shipped to you!


H - 9”

W - 5 1/2”

D - 5”

Yakisugi - Shou Sugi Ban Industrial Bookends & Pipe Lamp