Born out of necessity to help organize our bathroom counter, this piece helps keep your shaving essentials in check while adding a bit of industrial flair. Mounted on a piece of cedar we've treated with the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, this copper pipe shaving stand will fit right into any bathroom decor! 


Shou Sugi Ban is a traditonal method for preserving wood utilized for a number of uses, including exterior siding. It involves burning the surface of the wood, scraping it with a wire brush and finally applying a coat of oil. In exterior siding applications it is essentially waterproof and very low maintenance, with a  recommendation of reapplying a coat of oil every 10-15 years. We recommend the same practice with our shaving stand, due to the high humidity and water exposure of a bathroom. We use boiled linseed oil for our pieces.


Finally, our stands are equipped with rubber bumper feet on the underside to help grip your counter top, proptect any potetnially delicate finishes, and also keep the wood from sitting in any water spalshed out of the sink (if you have young kids you know this struggle...)


We polish the rack bright prior to shipping. Over time, the copper pipe takes on a unique aged patina that we personally love, but if you prefer to keep it bright a quick buff with any quality metal polish will bring back the shine.


Our shaving stands are made to order - meaning the piece you receive has been custom created just for you! Please allow up to 5 business days for creation and assembly. You will receive notification when your items are completed and have been shipped to you!


(*Shaving brush and razor not included)

Yakisugi & Copper Shaving Stand