Your business cards say a lot about you... shouldn’t your card holder do the same?

Constructed out of copper water pipe, this handcrafted industrial business card holder and accent lamp let’s you bring your style to the office and put it on display!

Comes complete with a light bulb of your choice (please choose when ordering):
• 25W Edison-style filament incandescent candelabra bulb with an E12 base
• LED Squirrel Cage style candelabra bulb with an E12 base
• LED Round style candelabra bulb with an E12 base

A 6-foot copper lamp cord with a cord-mounted rotary switch and vintage-style rubber plug complete the look.  

We polish your card holder bright prior to shipping. Over time, the copper pipe takes on a unique aged patina that we personally love, but if you prefer to keep it bright a quick buff with any quality metal polish will bring back the shine. 

Dimensions (without bulb):
H - 14 cm
W - 10 cm
D - 7.5 cm

Copper Pipe Business Card Holder & Accent Lamp