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Galt #8 Coal Mine

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


The Galt #8 Coal Mine, located high on an escarpment in the city of Lethbridge, Alberta, stands today as one of the most important abandoned coal mines in Canada. It's stipple headframe above the shaft mine is the last remaining structure of it's type in the country. Of the original 11 buildings constructed on the site, 9 are still standing, and are in remarkable condition. 


The Galt #8 Mine began life in 1934, when the Canadian Pacific Railway sank the first mine shaft into the ground in their exploration for coal for their railways as well as for domestic use. Workers dismantled the stipple headframe at the nearby #6 mine and transported it to the new site, where it was assembled and still stands today. Located directly beside the famous Lethbridge Viaduct train bridge (the longest and highest of its type in the world), the site sits just across the Old Man River from Downtown Lethbridge. Mine #8 was in operation until 1957, and was the last mine within the city of Lethbridge proper to close. The site has since been purchased by a concrete works company.

Prior to it's sale to the concrete works company, good friends of ours (who connected with the previous owner), were given the opportunity to salvage pulleys, cranks, cogs, hooks and more, which they had planned to use for upcycling projects. After taking up room in their home for many years, they made the lot available to us! 

We will be utilizing the various parts to create unique lamps and lighting fixtures, designed to bring back an era of industrial heritage during which coal mines spread across the Canadian Prairies. We'll be posting our creations up in our Shop as they reach completion, but if you'd like to be the first to know, subscribe to our website by filling in the form below! Subscribers will get the first notifications of new product releases!

Committed to saving the historic site, the Galt #8 Mine Historic Site Society was founded to  work towards preserving, maintaining and promoting the Galt #8 site and buildings. A registered not-for-profit community society, their mission includes purchasing the site, receiving designation as a Historic Site, and developing a historical interpretative program and museum to help preserve the unique past of coal mining in Canada. Funded entirely by donations, the society relies on fundraising from incredibly generous members of the public.

Te help support their mission and promote the development of a Historical Interpretive Centre at the site, Emerson Industrial Design Co has pledged to donate 15% of all sales of Galt #8 mine decor items to the Historic Site Society.

If you'd like to find out more about the Galt #8 mine site, as well as the societies plans for its development, click the link below or visit the Historic Site Society at their website -


Featured YouTube Video Courtesy of Ryan Cecchini

Write-up Completed using History Obtained from the Galt #8 Mine Historic Site Society


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